BodyForce – ‘The Olney Way To Train’

Welcome to BodyForce – Home to the most effective and enjoyable health and fitness programmes available. Brought to you by highly experienced professionals who deliver our expertly developed programmes to hundreds of clients each week.

We fully understand what is required for you to achieve your goals, and we will get you there with our unique and proven formula for success. We have developed two key packages – group based sessions and bespoke 1:1 packages, which from experience of working with hundreds of clients will produce results for – fat loss, fitness, health and sports performance.

“Dedication, hard work, discipline and respect are just some of the life skills we can gain through regular exercise, and there is no better feeling than when I see BodyForce clients progressing, and achieving results in our programmes”

                Stuart Dorrill – BodyForce Founder

Group training schedule January 2016 (wc 04-01-16)

BodyForce is located in OLNEY at Olney Football Club. All staff are all highly-experienced, recognised and fully-qualified/ insured trainers and we provide full use of modern facilities, which include showers and changing.

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