BodyForce – ‘The Olney Way To Train’

Welcome to BodyForce – Home to some of THE most effective and enjoyable health and fitness programmes available, brought to you by highly experienced professionals who train hundreds of clients each week! Testimonials. We are a local health and fitness business based at Olney Town Football Club, which is part of a fantastic network of sports clubs and teams at the recreational ground in Olney.

We’re delighted to be able to offer you a wide variety of packages ranging from general health and fitness, body composition, injury prevention to sports performance. You’ll find our popular group session timetable below as well as more information about each individual session, which include Caveman Conditioning ®, Body Shock, Metabolic Meltdown, and Boxercise.


We have a high demand for our group sessions therefore booking is essential, except for Caveman Conditioning®.  You can sign up using our ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM HERE. 

BodyForce provides a variety of simple, no gimmick, conditioning programmes for individuals, groups, sportsmen and women. All of the programmes have been developed ourselves from extensive research, time and experience to bring you THE most effective and enjoyable training protocols which have benefited hundreds of clients.

BodyForce has a proven track record (Testimonials) of having successfully worked with sports professionals, children, every day men and women of all different shapes, sizes and fitness levels. We also provided fitness consultancy for Red Bull UK.

“Dedication, hard work, discipline and respect are just some of the life skills we can gain through regular exercise, and there is no better feeling than when I see BodyForce clients progressing, and achieving results in our programmes”

Stuart Dorrill – BodyForce Founder.

BodyForce is located in OLNEY at Olney Football Club. All staff are all highly-experienced, recognised and fully-qualified/ insured trainers and we provide full use of modern facilities, which include showers and changing.

All of our programmes are based around YOUR maximum and do not require any previous experiences or fitness levels!

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